tiffymoo (tiffymoo) wrote in philippagregory,

War of the Roses Trilogy

Bestselling author Phillipa Gregory will write three new novels covering the 
War of the Roses time period. The three books are ordered below
1.the white queen
2.the white princess
3.the red queen
these books will be coming in around 2010

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YAY! I can't wait for the books! So far my face series were about the Tudors.
Wideacker was good but way too dark for me.
i never read wideacre, but i should. i can't wait for the war of the roses trilogy, it sounds good :D
Sweet! I'm so excited!!!
AWESOME! My head is swimming trying to figure out all the different women they could be. Elizabeth of York has to figure in somewhere and I imagine she'd be The White Princess, though her story technically ends the Wars of the Roses.
Margaret Beaufort HAS to be The Red Queen, I'd bet money on it. Elizabeth Woodville is then likely The White Queen.
I'm looking forward to reading those. I haven't read anything about that era before so it might be enough to get me hooked on that one too! lol
I love the era of the War of the Roses, Richard III and the Tudors. I can't wait to see what Philippa does with this time period. Which color goes to which side - I can never remember. Is York white or red? Guh - I wish I remembered.

Anyway, I wonder if Anne Neville isn't the White princess. She was married to both the Prince of Wales and Richard the III. I bet she would have a story to tell there. The Red Queen is probably Elizabeth Woodville, telling of Edward VI's era. The White Queen is probably Margaret of Anjou, Henry VI's wife. She was a piece of work too.

I could totally be wrong though!