meep! (stealmybike) wrote in philippagregory,


Hello all! My name's Marcella and I just joined this community! I've been an avid Philippa Gregory fan for several years now. I started out reading "The Constant Princess" which not only hooked me into her writing but almost made my cry from Katherine's loss of her beloved Arthur. I went onto reading "The Queen's Fool" thinking there could be no way of her topping "The Constant Princess" but it still managed to keep me hooked. I then moved onto "The Virgin's Lover," "The Other Boleyn Girl," "Wideacre," "The Favoured Child," and "Meridon" (which I may say, The Wideacre Series is the darkest series I've ever read, but I'd read them again in a heartbeat). I just finished "The Boleyn Inheritance" today and I found it to be another great read! It was hard to get used to the three point of view at first but it was worth sticking through it. I love her Tutor series and I'm very anxious to read "The Other Queen" since she touches very little on Mary of Scots through the series but never delved into her life. It's just so sad to read about all of Henry's young wives being sent to the chopping block. Sigh.

I've heard nothing but bad things about "The Other Boleyn Girl" movie so I haven't seen it yet. What did you all think of it?
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