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Hello all! Came across this community and was hoping someone could figure out something for me. I was introduced to Philippa Gregory by a friend a few years ago in college and I absolutely loved "The Other Boleyn Girl." While it is not, in my opinion, amazing writing or stuff that will make you think, it is definitely entertaining and it makes people interested in history, which is always a good thing. I read a few others in subsquent years -- "The Virgin's Lover" and "The Queen's Fool" and I didn't like those as much, but they were still fun. Then I read "Wideacre" and never got around to the sequels until now. I think "Wideacre" might now actually be my favorite of the ones of hers I've read, and "The Favored Child" made me so very angry, anyone else have that reaction? I'm about halfway through with "Meridon" now and I'm definitely enjoying it.

My questions is this -- in the very beginning of "The Favored Child" the narrator says that she's an "an old woman now. In my heart I am an old woman, tired, and ready for my death. But when I was a child, I was a girl on Wideacre." But in "Meridon" you learn that Julia died not long after she gave away Meridon/Sarah. Now obviously I haven't finished "Meridon" yet so maybe something's explained, but I just thought that was kind of interesting. I could also just be totally confusing something, heh. But from what I understand Julie was the narrator through "Favored Child".

Anyway, I'm going to look into "A Respectable Trade" and the two books about gardening later on. Thanks for any input!
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